PD Opportunities

2017 Summer Workshops

 Date(s) Event Location
   Summer Workshops 
  June 2017
6/1/17*Phase 1: Next Generation Science Standards OverviewROE #47
6/5/17*Phase 2: The Tools Needed to Bring NGSS to the ClassroomROE #47
6/5/17*The Art of the Argument: Argumentative & Persuasive WritingROE #47
6/6/17Homeless 101: Recognizing and Assisting Homeless Students (Admin Acad)ROE #47
Best Practices in Mathematics K-12SVCC
6/7/17 & 6/8/17*ELA Training – Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading ROE #47
6/12/17 & 6/19/17
Safe and Supportive Schools CohortSVCC
6/15/17*Phase 3: Developing and Evaluating Units of Study Aligned to NGSSROE #47
Promoting Access through TechnologyROE #47
*Telling It Like It Is: Expository WritingROE #47
6/22/17Guided Math Make and Take for Grades K-6SVCC
6/26/17 - 6/29/17*Technology Meets DanielsonSVCC
6/26/17Safe and Supportive Schools Cohort: Train the Trainer Book Study - The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog - CANCELLEDSVCC
6/27/17Introducing the C3 Framework & Illinois Learning Standards for Social Studies for K-12 Educators - CANCELLEDSVCC
6/28/17 & 6/29/17*Introduction to Social Studies Curriculum Development & Inquiry DesignSVCC
   July 2017 
Teacher Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre-Qualified Teacher Evaluators – Domains 2 & 3 (Admin Acad)SVCC
7/11/17Principal/Teacher Evaluator Retraining: Student Growth (Admin Acad)SVCC
7/13/17STEAM Up your Classroom: STEAM and the Art of Inquiry - CANCELLEDSVCC
7/17/17*Rethinking Narrative WritingROE #47
7/18/17Read Like A Detective: Strategies, Tools & Resources to Support Text Analysis K-12ROE #47
Transitional Math
7/24/17 & 7/25/17*Civics, Standards and Danielson: Providing a Pathway for Student EngagementSVCC
7/25/17Students As ResearchersROE #47
Discover “Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps!”ROE #47
7/31/17STEM Read in the Elementary Classroom - CANCELLEDSVCC
 August 2017 
New Teacher & New Administrator WorkshopROE #47
8/3/17EdTech Technology Integration Teacher Leader Cadre ROE #47
*denotes graduate credit available

More sessions will be added in the coming week. Please remember to check back frequently for more training opportunities!

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Amboy, AFC, Dixon, East Coloma-Nelson, Erie, Eswood, Kings, Montmorency, Morrison, Paw Paw, Polo, PLT, River Bend, Rock Falls Elementary, Rock Falls Township High School, Rochelle Elementary, Rochelle Township High School

Byron, Creston, Forrestville Valley, Meridian, Oregon, Sterling, Steward, Bi-County, LCSEA, OCEC

If you cannot attend, a cancellation notice should be  given  to the ROE at least  three  days before the  workshop.  Refunds will not be given without a cancellation notice. All workshop monies (if required), including Graduate Credit fees, are due on or before the workshop session. Unless cancellation is received three (3) working days prior to the workshop session, participants are obligated to pay the workshop fee. Workshops are generally contingent on minimum enrollments. All fees will be refunded if a workshop is cancelled. Early registration is encouraged!