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The Next Generation Science Standards represent an exciting shift in science education.  The biggest shift is the importance of framing classroom experiences around 3 Dimensional learning.  Grounded in content defined by the Disciplinary Core Ideas, the NGSS provide for a coherent experience across grade levels.  Scientific Practices become habits of mind, embedded in all we do scientifically.  Overarching Cross Cutting Concepts provide a lens to experience the concepts and provide a conduit to apply scientific ideas to other disciplines and concepts. 

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You can explore the standards interactively at the official NGSS site: 

 Evidence statements
Read this first         Introduction

K-5         6-8       High School

The Framework is an important resource that adds clarification to the standards.  It is a much needed resource for anyone who wants to understand the standards in depth.

 Download or Read online for free (or available to buy) here:

A Framework for K-12 Science Education

The National Academies Press also has a book version of NGSS that can be downloaded or read on online for free here:

Next Generation Science Standards
Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards is another valuable resource from NAP. 

 Download or Read online for free (or available to buy) here:

 Foundational Services
for Science are free locally delivered state developed workshops. 

Information can be found here.

Contact your local ROE for availability.

AREA V Foundational Trainers resources here.

Google Drive Resources

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NGSS Resources

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