Veteran Personal Trainer in Orange County CA, Rod Steel, brings the first mobile gym in America delivering "Personal Training Orange County Style" to your home or office!

Whether man or women, young or old, body builder or body toner, strength oriented or weight loss focused, Rod Steel is the Orange County personal trainer who can create a custom program that will deliver the results you want! Don't waste your time driving to a personal trainer or struggling with limited equipment and outdated training methods. Rod will bring his fully equipped, 35 foot, custom-made mobile gym to the privacy and convenience of your Orange County CA home or office.

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I will deliver a personal training program right to your doorstep that will produce the results you want - money back guaranteed! Rod Steel is the most experienced home personal trainer Orange County CA has to offer. He is fully accredited and his Mobile Fitness Gym comes complete with six multifunctional workout stations, aerobic-free weight area, acoustic sound system, HD TV and comfort climate control. Don't settle for a home personal trainer in Orange County CA who can't deliver. Call Rod and ask about a free, no hassle training session!

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Train with one of the best, most experienced Orange County Personal Trainers.

Rod Steel is a former world record holding U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, SWAT instructor and former Mr. Atlanta. He is ACE certified, the second person in California to be "SuperSlow" certified and the only trainer to be part of a CME-accredited medical group. Rod has brought results to over 4,000 satisfied clients and he will do the same for you! Rod Steel is the accomplished and experienced personal trainer Orange County has enjoyed for over fifteen years.  Nobody who says they are the "Best Personal Trainer Orange County" has won a more prestigious bodybuilding title than Rod. Let Rod help you earn the title you want! 

SuperSlowR High Intensity, Low Force Workout Protocol
Rod uses the SuperSlowR protocol to give you the maximum results per effort given. The SuperSlowR protocol best fits the definition of a complete exercise regimen. By properly and safely building muscle, and increasing the resting metabolism, this protocal allows the body to burn more calories even while at rest. It is a training method that is beneficial for weight loss, bodybuilding, rehabilitation and general exercise. As a personal trainer for over twenty years, Rod has the experience and expertise using the SuperSlowR protocol to design a custom training program that will deliver the results you want. SuperSlowR is the innovative approach to personal training Orange County CA has been looking for!

Rod will bring his Home Personal Training Orange County Program and a Mobile Gym to your location!

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Rod Steel - the Home Personal Trainer in Orange County - Previews the 35 foot custom mobile gym

Orange County Home Personal Training Gym

There are many benefits home personal trainers in Orange County can offer their clients that personal trainers in training gyms cannot. We can immediately think of privacy, convenenience and cleanliness for starters. And today, with competitive incentives offered by home personal trainers, home personal training in Orange County is not just a luxury for the wealthy.  

But are there drawbacks to a home personal trainer? In his early years as a home personal trainer in Orange County, Rod Steel realized that trying to turn someone's backyard or living room into a complete fitness facility just did not work. You couldn't bring all the equipment needed for a well rounded work out, it was often inconvenient to convert a home into a training facility - especially when it rains, it was a time-waster getting the training area set up, and some people are justifiably uncomfortable having a personal trainer come into their home. And having done that for many years, Rod jokes (though with some truth) that it was the personal trainer who would get a better workout just lugging in all the fitness equipment!

Third Generation Orange County Mobile Gym - The Best Ever!

Rod has now eliminated the only tactical reason why someone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their life would not give a home personal trainer a try. He will drive a 35 foot, completely equiped, custom mobile gym to your home or office!  And his newest mobile gym is the best in Orange County. 

Now it might be difficult for you to visualize how comprehensive of a training facility his mobile gym really is, so we decided to walk you through the entire mobile gym. As you can see, not only is it complete, it is big enough to handle small groups. Give Rod a call to make a new you and ask about discounts if you want to start a family, neighborhood or office group.

Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Station 1
        EXERCISES                          MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS      
            Leg Extension                           Quadriceps
            Leg Curls                                  Hamstrings
            Bicep Curls                               Calves
            Ankle Pulls                                Trapezius

Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Station 2
        EXERCISES                          MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS      
            Leg Press                                 Quadriceps
            Calve Press                               Hamstrings

Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Station 3
        EXERCISES                          MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS      
            Bench & Shoulder Press             Triceps 
            Chest Press & Flys                      Forearms   
            Incline & Decline Press                Deltoids  
            Overhead Tricep Press   


Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Station 4
        EXERCISES                           MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS     
            Lat Pull downs                            Lats
            Seated Rows                              Triceps & Biceps
            Upright Rows                               Back


Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Station 5
        EXERCISES                            MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS      
            Vertical Knee Raise                     Upper & Lower Abs
            Pull ups & Chin ups                      Back
            Dips                                             Biceps
            Stomach Curls                             Chest


Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Station 6
        EXERCISES                           MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS      
            Back Extension                           Glutes
            Roman Chair                               Hamstrings
                                                               Lower & Upper Abs

Rod's Orange County Mobile Gym - Aerobic/Core 
        EXERCISES                           MUSCLE GROUPS & JOINTS     
           The Wheel                                   Abs
            Ab Mat                                        Abs
            Roller                                         Shoulders/Abs
           Jump Rope                                  Aerobic & All
           Squats                                         Aerobic & All
            And more!

Q & A with personal trainer Rod on the advantages of SuperSlowR for his Orange County Home Personal Training Clients

Personal Training Question:  Can you give me a brief definition of SuperSlowR?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  SuperSlowR (SS) is one of the most advanced and safest methods of exercising. It is a training protocol (method) that simultaneously works both your fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers in one set. In SS you totally exhaust both sets of  muscle fibers in one 90 second set.

Personal Training Question:  How did it originate?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  Credit is given to Ken Hutchins for developing SS. He was working for Nautilus at the time and he drew from private and public research that was used to determine the most effective and efficient training regimens.  

Personal Training Question:  Can you explain the SuperSlowR training protocol?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  In the SS protocol you are doing your repetitions at a much slower rate than other programs. You take 10 seconds to lift the weight and 5 seconds to lower the weight. You do this for 90 seconds making sure you extend your muscles to their full range of motion. With this protocol you are working all muscle fibers for a continuous 90 seconds as opposed to typical training protocols where you explode for a 20 second set repeated 3 times.

Personal Training Question:  How does the SuperSlowR protocol produce better results?

Home Trainer Orange County CA:  Numerous studies have shown that this slow movement, continuous protocol, that works both your slow and fast twitch muscle, will generate faster results - both for weight loss and muscle development - than traditional methods. In my career I have found this to be true for both my Home Personal Training Los Angeles clients and my Home Personal Training Orange County clients. My goal is to give you more bang for your buck than any other Orange County Personal Trainer and that's a good thing!

Personal Training Question:  Do you do the same exercises as the older methods?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  Yes, in SS you work all the same muscle groups as you would in the traditional regimens. You just work those muscle groups more efficiently.

Personal Training Question:  What are some of the other advantages of SuperSlowR?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  In addition to getting faster results, SS reduces the risk of injury to your joints, tendons and spines. It also reduces the risk of breaking down your muscles too severely. That is why when using SS you will feel the effects of your training in a positive way, not the soreness that comes after the traditional workout methods.

Personal Training Question:  Can you use SuperSlowR for a variety of training goals?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  Of course. Because SS works your muscles more efficiently, it can be used for any number of training goals. I have Orange County personal training clients whose goals include weight loss, body sculpting, muscle growth, rehabilitation, fitting in to a wedding dress, looking good for the class name it...I can make it happen.

Personal Training Question:  Should you incorporate a cardio workout with SuperSlowR? 

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  Actually SS is a form of cardiovascular workout equal to sprinting or running stairs. I can work a client through the stations at various paces to achieve a desired level of cardio workout. But, I believe it is best to do some seperate cardio work to speed up the fat burning process and condition the heart and lungs.

Personal Training Question:  What else should we know about SuperSlowR?

Home Personal Trainer Orange County CA:  It is the fastest and most fun way to reach your personal training goals. Any other training protocol is stuck in a time warp!

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"Rod is great a personal trainer, the mobile gym is fantastic and he makes it so easy because I walk out of my office building and there he is."
Rose L. Tustin CA  Nov. 2012

ab pull exercise with client of home personal trainer in orange county

"I am so glad I started home personal training with Rod. He makes a rigorous workout move quickly and I feel great!"
Kelly B. Mission Viejo Oct. 2012

client of home personal trainer in orange county doing chest press exercise


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