Computer Skills

Mouse Practice

Build a Scarecrow  

Pop the Bubble (practice pointing and clicking) 

Alphabet Match (practice using the mouse to match letters or letters and sounds)

Pattern Maze (practice using the mouse and identify shapes)

Color, Draw & Paint (practice using the mouse by drawing lines and circles,  and navigating buttons)

Magical Capitals (click on the letters that should be capitalized)

Birthday Candle Counting (practice using the mouse and counting)

Alphabet Bingo (practice using the mouse and recognizing letter sounds and capitalization)

Sight Word Bingo (practice using the mouse and recognizing letter sounds)

Mouse Aerobics (learn how to use the mouse)

Puzzles (practice click, drag, and drop)

Number Chart (practice click, drag, and drop)

Bees and Honey Game (learn how to move the mouse)

Tidy the Classroom (learn how to click, double click, and drag)

2D and 3D Shapes (Practice dragging and dropping while identifying 2D and 3D shapes)

Zac the Hat (Practice dragging and dropping while identifying short vowel sounds)

Make a facepizzacar, or snowman (Practice dragging and dropping while creating fun images)

Word Machine (Find “hot spots” to navigate a website and practice short vowel sounds)

Mousercize (Practice your mouse skills. This will give you lots of practice in using the mouse. )

Scroll Practice (Please read the directions!)

Math Maven (Solve mysteries  – requires scrolling and answer selection skills)

Keyboarding Practice

Keyboard Zoo

Keyboard Zoo 2

Monkey Paws (purple keys = left hand and green keys = right hand)

Cup Stacking 

Alpha Munchies

Keyboard Invasion

Typing Alphabet

Typing Rocket

Keyboard Climber

Keyboard Climber 2 

Keyboard Challenge

Dance Mat 



Typing Test’s Typing Games

Powertyping (select QWERTY since this is the type of keyboard we use)

Typing Racer (select the Practice option to improve your typing skills)

Free Typing Games

Type to Learn 4 Use your regular username and password and, if necessary, use account code=124487