Our classes take place in two separate areas: 
The Module Lab (Room 200)
& the Wood Lab (Room 103)

You will spend half of the quarter in each of these rooms learning very different things.

In the 'Module Lab' you will be working with computers to complete all kinds of various activities. There are MANY different things that you can try, so take a look at the different modules to see what you might be interested in! We have something for everyone. There are robots, computer graphics, a TV studio and several robots that you can investigate. You will do 2 modules each year, completing 6 of the 12 modules offered by the time you graduate GMS. We also talk about internet safety each grade, so that you can feel safe & confident in your own personal life on-line.

In the Wood lab you will complete pre-engineering projects such as balsa gliders, towers, and crash safety cages. You will have a blast testing and evaluating your project. The goal is to be able understand what happened, and be able to improve upon your initial solution or idea. Wood projects are made in the shop to help you learn how to safely use power tools, follow directions, and to work as a team. You will have an awesome time creating a wood project that you can take home and show off! Computers also play a big part in the wood lab, allowing you to practice your ruler reading skills, engineer virtual bridges, learn about marketing, and blog the progress of your projects.

"The combination of "Hands-On" activities in both a computer and wood lab give our students the skills they need to become technologically literate, 21st century learners."


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