Rock Physics provides the connections between elastic properties measured at the surface of the earth, within the borehole environment or in the laboratory with the intrinsic properties of rocks, such as mineralogy, porosity, pore shapes, pore fluids, pore pressures, permeability, viscosity, stresses and overall architecture such as laminations and fractures. Rock Physics provides the understanding and theoretical tools required to optimize all imaging and characterization solutions based on elastic data.

The present site is a collection of resources for rock physicists and those who use the results of rock physics in their work.

Rock Physics News

On Friday October 23, 2015, following the 2015 SEG Convention, there will be a full-day post-convention workshop on the "Physics of Rocks" organized by Colin Sayers, Arthur Cheng, Kyle Spikes, and Boris Gurevich. The typical use of the term "rock physics" in the oil and gas industry refers to the measurement, modeling, and interpretation of elastic wave propagation in sedimentary rocks. However, “physics of rocks” includes other physical characteristics of rocks that are not addressed in most rock physics workshops. Those rock properties include, but are not necessarily limited to, the electric and dielectric , nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), transport , thermal, and geomechanical properties. The 2015 SEG post-convention workshop on the “Physics of Rocks” will seek to address these topics alongside the physics that enables elastic properties to be inverted for rock and fluid properties. The workshop will explore theoretical models and experimental observations of physical phenomena that define physical properties of rocks and relationships between these properties. Please contact any of the organizers if you are interested in participating.

The 3rd International Workshop on Rock Physics (3IWRP) took place in Perth, Australia, 13 - 17 April, 2015. Abstracts are available here.

The April 2015 meeting of the Rock Physics Special Interest Group of the Geophysical Society of Houston featured a talk by Guoping Zhang (University of Massachusetts Amherst) on "Nanoindentation Characterization of Clay-Based Geomaterials: From Phyllosilicates to Shales and Beyond". Abstract is available here. Abstracts from previous meetings can be found here.

A post-convention workshop on the "Rock Physics of Unconventional Reservoirs" took place following the 2014 SEG Annual Meeting. The list of presentations is available here.

A post-convention workshop on the "Integration of petrophysics, rock physics, and lab measurements" took place following the 2013 SEG Annual Meeting. The list of presentations is available here.

The 2nd International Workshop on Rock Physics (2IWRP) took place in Southampton, U.K., August 4-9, 2013. See the technical program for the list of presentations.

Selected papers from 1IWRP have been published in a special issue of Geophysical Prospecting on Rock Physics for Reservoir Exploration, Characterisation and Monitoring

A post-convention workshop on the "Physics of Rocks" took place following the 2012 SEG Annual Meeting. Additional information is available here.

The abstracts from the 15th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy are available here.

The list of presentations made at the 3rd EAGE Shale Workshop held in Barcelona, Spain, 23-25 January 2012, is available here.

The 1st International Workshop on Rock Physics (1IWRP) took place at the Colorado School of Mines, August 7-12, 2011. See the technical agenda for the list of presentations. Many of the abstracts and several of the presentations and posters are available here. Evan Bianco's notes from the workshop can be found by clicking on the following links:


3IWRP (3rd International Workshop on Rock Physics), 13 - 17 April, 2015, Perth, Australia.

Course on Rock Physics - Integrating Petrophysical, Geomechanical, and Seismic Measurements, 1 - 5 June, 2015, Houston, USA.

AAPG 2015 Annual Convention & Exhibition, 31 May – 3 June, 2015, Denver, Colorado.

77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, 1 - 4 June, 2015, Madrid, Spain.
URTeC 2015 (Unconventional Resources Technology Conference), 20 - 22 July 2015, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

2015 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 28 - 30 September 2015, Houston, Texas, USA.

2015 SEG International Exhibition and 85th Annual Meeting, 18 - 23 October 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

2015 SEG Post-convention workshop on the "Physics of Rocks", 23 October 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.