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idioms/slang/proverbs/tongue twisters

Here are many websites for idioms, proverbs, slang,
tongue twisters, phrasal verbs, and rhymes


easy idioms

Idiom dictionary

Idiom dictionary

Manythings/VOA- expressions
Idioms/expressions by topic in aticle format- interesting!

Spoken skills- idioms
Listen to sentences with idioms.

NPR listening: Dictionary of Idioms gets everyone on the same page

phrasal verbs...

Phrasal verb dictionary (search verb or preposition)


translation of popular songs  (Explains words in many popular songs, including rap-You can learn a lot of American slang this way!)

everyday slang words

slang dictionary (even tells you how old it is)

look up words from rap songs

45 common slang words in hip-hop music

tongue twisters...

100+ tongue twisters


Rhyming dictionary


Proverbs (look at the bottom of the web page)

Proverbs in songs

creative proverbs from around the world

British and American English...

Britsh versus American English Power Point