Cell City Project

Objective: Compare all cell organelles and their functions to parts of a city


Step 1 - Brainstorming:  Use the Brainstorming worksheet to organize your thoughts on relating the cell organelles AND their functions to the parts of a city.

Step 2 - Rough draft: Use the Rough Draft worksheet to layout your city and plan for the various materials you will need for the project.

Step 3 - Final Poster, Model, OR Video:  Make a poster, model, OR video of your cell city.  It must have a creative title.  Make certain all organelles are represented and labeled with creative names.  And be sure it is neat, colorful, and, ultimately, your best work.

Posters can receive 0-80% of the 50 total points.  It must be larger than an 8½” X 11” piece of paper.  Using a piece of poster board is highly recommended.

Models can receive 0-90% of the 50 total points.  Models are completed instead of a poster.  Models can include the use of cardboard, legos, toys, play dough, or anything else that could be used to represent the parts of a city.  Please do not use food for you model as it goes bad quickly.

Videos can receive 0-100% of the 50 total points.  Videos are completed instead of a poster or a model.  A PowerPoint presentation is not a video.  In addition to the poster requirements, the video should include music, graphics, and an overall view of your cell city.

Step 4 - Typed Descriptions: The paper must be headed using the proper MLA format with the name of your city.  It must include a description of your cell city, together with all parts of the city, their function, and how each part represents the cell organelle.  You may also describe other parts of you city just for fun.  This typed description must follow MLA formatting and be typed and double-spaced.  It is worth 20 points. 

Due  Date

Required  Item

Monday, March 10

Brainstorming and Rough Draft wksh


Final Poster, Model OR Video


Typed Descriptions

Poster Example:
Model Examples:

Video Examples:

NOTE: See the Cell City Project explanation, rubric, brainstorming, and rough draft wkshs attached below.
Katherine Axiak,
Mar 7, 2014, 2:30 PM