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YEARBOOK 2017 is almost done and our April 1 final submission due date is finally approaching!  

The senior section of the yearbook was posted 3 times since January in the cafeteria for students to proof read.  Seniors were told to let Mrs. Thompson know if there are any errors, missing photos or memories.    If your son or daughter does not turn in a photo by April 1, his/her ID photo will be used.

Don't forget to buy your 2017 Yearbook online before May 1st and save $5.00!!  See ordering information below.  You may not order a yearbook online after May 5.

Buy yearbooks online at 
Use the password: bulldogs
If you buy the yearbook online 
BEFORE MAY 5 the yearbooks will cost $65.00. 
 If you have any questions about payment options, contact Cheryl Thompson at