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The Letter X   by Nathan Paul

X was a lonely letter. Of all the other letters, X was the least used. S was seldom left out, A was applied often and R was revered. But, not poor X. X wandered through page upon page of infinite word possibilities watching all the other letters. A had acumen, attractive attributes and was astounding. B had baseballs and basketballs and was big. C had cars and carpets and was quite a character. But, not poor X. All X could do was play xylophones and draw x-axis’ and conduct X-rays. Poor X moped about. X watched delightful D in the dandelions and enthusiastic and energetic E who was the earl of eastern England. What did poor X stand for? Poor X watched the other letters having fun. So X went over to F. However, F was feasting. F was fervent for feasting. For all F did was feast. So X left. G was great, H was happy, I was incredible, J was jovial and the others were the same in their own special ways. X saw K kicking while doing karate with its kittens. X felt lonely, so X went to L. L was lovely, but loathed X, so X exited again. X thought of mighty M, M’s nemesis N and O who was Ouranos-like. X tried to think positively. P was poor, puny, and possibly pathetic, it did have pancakes, popcorn, pasta and a purpose. X wanted a purpose. Q had quetzals, quilts and quality quills. R had roses, robots and raced in rockets. S had silly-putty, the sun and was always smiling. At least it  wasn’t terrible like T. But, then it remembered that T could be terrific.  Some letters helped other letters. U was unique and usually united the letters into the usual union. Other letters took action and were motivated. V voiced valiant vagaries and vaporized venomous vipers. X wondered why it was X. X saw W. W was wonderful, wealthy and watchful. X wondered why W was wonderful, what W did to be wonderful and wished to be like W. When X was used in a word, poor X was often times the last letter. Examples included fix, box, mix, fox and tax. Y was also at the end of many words like say, pay, day and party, but Y could also be a vowel. X went over to Z who was under terrific T’s tree. But, when X arrived, Z was fast asleep. All these letters were better and happier than X. Why couldn’t X be like them.

Then, X looked down. X felt like it was standing on something. So X bent down and dug. X discovered a treasure just for X; an extraordinary bouquet of exceptionally beautiful xylomelum flowers. X soon realized it was on top of another treasure. When X moved to the side, X was on top of yet another treasure. All the other letters began to take notice and wandered over to X to see X’s treasures. And all the other letters loved X, and X realized it was a treasure unto itself. With this discovery, X was happy. 

The End