Non-Fiction, continued Yayue Luo

Seasoning life by Yayue Luo 

     Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to keep balance because you have to keep moving, the road is not always what we want it to be. We fight with the monster on the road. We cry for the difficulty in life; and sometimes, we want to give up in the middle of the road. But that just life.

                                                                                               ----Chinese proverb


   The beginning of life is like a dish without colors or tastes. The process of life is to keep adding different seasonings into the dish we have. Some make a sweet dish, some make an extravagant and beautiful dish, and some ruin the dish they have. So what are those main seasonings of the dish?

   If happiness is one of many seasonings, it will like honey. There's no standard for happiness: Valentines feel happy when they have love; soldiers feel happy when they win the war; athletes feel happy when they gain the championship; pathfinders feel happy when they discover new lands……All of these happinesses have the same base--with smile, with love, with excitedness. Happiness is not a tree without roots, a leaf out with stem. We don't know what the taste of happiness is when we are born. Life, is the one who tells us. The flower of happiness will blossom;  the smell of sweet perfumes from the flower will be diffused all around only if the flower can watered with blood and sweat from struggling.  Happiness in life is like a meteor streak from the sky, splendid and enjoyable. It is like a gorgeous epiphyllum: we wait and water it carefully, just for that flash in the pan which could make us smile. It is the honey which is going to melt into the dish. Not everyone can have great happiness, to be laborious everyday and gain the watery happiness is relatively everlasting. The soave of honey will make your dish memorable and always have a sweet aftertaste.


   If sorrow is one of many seasonings it will be fructose amomi , have a harsh taste. Sorrow and happiness are actually twins; they have countless relations. The marsh of sorrow always breeds the seed of happiness, moistens the leaf of happiness, drives the bud of happiness blossom. Sorrow and pain sometimes could be good medicine: they can pull people out from demented and obsessed, make people slowly regain confidence and intellect. God is fair. He spreads sorrow and pain over every person in the world evenly. The king has king's anguish, plebeian has plebeian's anguish; old people and young people both have different  anguish. The sorrows and pain in life are so unpredictable, when this anguish has just gone, another new worry starts growing in the heart, never stops, and this might be the real life. Life is meaningless if we always steeping into happiness. Life is meaningful only if we pass through the sorrow and pain.

   If adversity is one of many seasonings, it will be the bitter wine, always adding a strong irritant. It is the most  bitter wine in the world, only those who drink this knows that special flavor could seep into the intestines forever. If i have to make a analogy about adversity, I will say it is like a university without walls. It has the best teachers and professors, and this university always teach valuable and significative lessons. People say: "Anger made poet."  And in the adversity, anger always shows up. Everyone can get lost in the desert of adversity,  it make us frustrated and sag, puts us on the rampage, but when we wake up to reality, it makes us become more mature, sane and tranquil. And this is the growing process in life, this is the meritorious thing we learnt in that "university". A life will be fragmentary if it loses the growing part in the adversity. Just like people say: this is life, it always brings us wounds all over the body.But the wounds will certainly become the greatest strength finally.


   There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, and people we can't live without but we have to let go. This is life. It is always ruthless but attractive. For making our own life---others can work for you, but cannot feel for you. Make your own dish as much splendid as you can, because you are the only one who will taste it. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start now and make a new ending.