Welcome...καλωσόρισμα....Bienvenue...ברוך הבא...Bienvenida...欢迎/歡迎...willkommen...환영... Benvenuto...आपका स्वागत है...i mirëpritur...xoş...ترحيب...fáilte a chur roimh...добро пожаловать....

Welcome to Creative Space, the online repository for all the work that students at RCDS who come from all over the world  are doing. In this collection you will find samples of "work" that we have been doing across the disciplines -- and outside them. We have just begun adding pages to this space, so keep watching as new contributions appear.

  • In VIDEO's --The Dancing Skeleton Who Cannot Make Up His/Her Mind (thanks to 1st & 2nd grade art class) 
  • In PROJECTS, MATH, SCIENCE, COMPUTER SCIENCE --Geometry Sine & Cosine Presentations
  • In Children's Corner:  Winter Poem by 1st and 2nd grade class
  • Making Strides in the English Language - "A Bleeding Mess  Caused by An I-Phone" by ESL students
  • In VISUAL ARTS: Photography - Late Winter & Early Spring Photos 
  • Photography Narrative

  • En Français for a performance of "La Vie en Rose", new upper and middle school work.

  • En Español, for a story in Spanish and a Spanish project

  • Projects, for Math Projects -- Algebra II Landscape Architect Projects, Precalculus Graphs

  • The Performing Arts for videos of dramatic performances, juggling, and concert performances and for audio recordings and songs

  • The Visual Arts for Photography and Paintings and Drawings  -  new photograms 10/18/2011 and photographs from November PLUS RCDS Kites from Kite Day 2011

  • Writings for
  •      Poetry 
  •      Fiction  
  •     Non-Fiction