Concert Marketing Plan

ONLY Bill this show as “The Machine performs Pink Floyd” or “The Machine performs Pink Floyd featuring the Interstellar Light Show.”

Manager: Barney Kilpatrick, (770)518-6434 - Please contact Barney for a marketing plan tailored to your organization and market.

Publicist: Michelle Roche, (706)353-3244

Promotional assets, including television and radio spots, ad mats, flyer and poster art are available at

Please feel free to use the following B2B page to persuade any recalcitrant parties of the superior quality of the show:

The first video on the page is of the symphony program demo. The second video shows the outdoor laser show. The other videos are of the regular show, i.e. band with the Interstellar Light Show.

Please see the bottom of this page for a printable, high quality PDF of this marketing plan.


This is normally the most important part of any marketing plan involving The Machine.

Manager Barney Kilpatrick has more than 25 years experience in radio, in radio promotion and in marketing.. It is imperative that you contact him early in the marketing process to assemble an advertising plan for classic rock radio in your market and to plan on-air promotional giveaways that involve much more than simple ticket giveaways. Please let him review any proposals from sales before placing your time buy.


Because of the lighting and visual effects included in this program, television is always a good idea.

The band will come to the market a day early if routing permits and/or route through the market earlier to perform on morning television. The buyer would need to provide up to seven hotel rooms for one night for this to happen.

Additionally, management will provide “b” roll to use for local television coverage if a full performance is not possible. Band members can be made available for interview on morning shows to go with the “b” roll or the station can use the “b” roll to create their own news package on the event.

Remainder cable advertising should be considered. The band has a produced television spot and we do have plenty of digital footage with and without orchestra that could be cheaply edited for a spot. Suggested channels would include but not be limited to, VH1 Classic Rock, Comedy Central, Bravo, Sundance, IFC and appropriate Discovery network channels. In many markets, remainder spots are available for as little as $5.


We believe print advertising and editorial coverage is no longer as important as it once was for promoting musical events in general. PLEASE do not think including the show in a strip ad is going to produce results. Our publicist will work with buyer’s publicist to attack local print outlets for calendar listing with photo, and, more important, a full feature story. She has had tremendous success in the past.


--promoter/venue e-mail blast

--Machine e-mail blast

--Facebook invitation page

--Facebook advertising campaign

--MySpace blasts

--Jambase banner ad and e-mail blast

Management will help you with all of the above. Additionally, we have plenty of great performance video on YouTube and we will send you instructions for posting video on your website.


Management will provide limited assistance with our own street teams.

We have handbill and poster art on the website for you to make your own, but we can also provide limited quantities of posters, handbills and a promotional DVD or CD stickered with your show information.


Management has had success contacting local high school and college orchestras and music schools with the offer of discounted group tickets, particularly for the orchestra show.

Also, many local planetariums offer Pink Floyd-themed shows. This should be investigated in every market for possible cross promotion.

Barney Kilpatrick,
Jan 21, 2010, 9:50 AM