Oh, Walter the robot...   ...Where did you begin?

...I still can't believe that I actually found those wheels by the side of the road with a "FREE" note attached...
Walter is the old man around my shop. Heavy, complicated, stubborn and he makes you work for everything you get from him. He sits on a custom-made welded steel frame and is powered by (2) 12v DeWalt drill motors through a chain drive. He weighs around 70lbs.

He started as a simple bare frame, R/C only, giving rides to my kids and (most famously) my wife. A single Picaxe chip was quickly added followed by another and at one point he had 7 or 8 individual Picaxe chips on-board. He stuck with those Picaxe chips through 4 or 5 total rebuilds --each time cleaning up excess "complication" or adding to his functionality. Eventually, I moved on to the Propeller chip. It too was soon joined by yet another Prop. A new motor driver was attached (with it's own Arduino on board). The next thing I know, he has his own laser radar bolted on top. Right now, I am just starting the process of yet another total tear-down. This time I am simplifying his overall electronics and modifying his motors and drivetrain. No biggie.

Yup, Walter will always be a work in progress. He will never be done.

Some of the Early days

The pictures below are of Walter's most recent construction. (Propeller)