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Tadpole LMR

Tadpole LMR

Let's Make Robots "Start Here" Version


From the very beginning of Let's Make Robots, a "Start Here" robot has been featured. As the name implies, one looking to start a hobby in robotics should well, "Start Here" (well, maybe "there", I dunno)...

Here at Rocket Brand Studios, we have taken this "start here" concept and produced a specific Tadpole kit to fit the bill. Unlike the regular Tadpole with a fixed obstacle sensor, the LMR version comes with a servo and "sweepable" sensor, more like the original SHR, and will allow you to learn even more robot-related concepts. Everything learned with this little bot will translate easily to bigger and more complex bots you make in the future.

The Tadpole LMR is a complete kit, requires no soldering, only one tool for assembly, and needs only (4) AAA rechargeable batteries and a USB cable.

For every Tadpole LMR kit sold, a donation is made to Let's Make Robots to be sure that the community that will support you, is supported itself. Win, win, win. 

(I love it when a plan comes together)

  • A little Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Maybe a pair of pliers would be handy, but you really don't need it
  • (4) Rechargeable AAA batteries (No alkaline) 
  • USB cord (You already have this, its a "regular USB" to "mini-regular" USB. --Its the one that goes to your camera...   ...C'mon, you actually have 20 of these cords in a drawer or your "cord box", let's not kid ourselves here...)

Included in the Kit:
  • Laser cut acrylic chassis (Color)
  • Little Black Duck ball bearing motors
  • Tailwheel assembly
  • Wheels/ tires
  • Battery holder
  • Mini Breadboard
  • All hardware required for assembly
  • Micro Magician board
  • Servo
  • Sensor

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Christopher Robinson,
Apr 2, 2013, 12:04 AM