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Tadpole Educational

Standard Educational Tadpole


Tadpole Educational:

The Tadpole Educational is identical to the color version of this great little bot. The only difference is the fact that the educational version comes only in clear. Also, the acrylic itself is an itty-bitty bit thinner than the color version. Beyond that, all accessories, information and tutorials will work with either platform.

The educational version is available as a bulk purchase. If you are interested in more than just a couple, please visit the educators page for more information on how to contact us.

Finally, the educational version is available with bump switches and as a Spurt bot and can even come with the micro controllers pre-programmed. Perfect if you are doing a Saturday-morning class at the local children's museum.

  • Dagu Mini Driver
  • Dagu Micro Magician
  • Rocket Brand Studios Nano Undershields
  • Standard Arduino Boards
  • Picaxe "standard" 28x board
  • Picaxe's new Shield Base system

  • A little Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Maybe a pair of pliers would be handy, but you really don't need it
  • (4) Rechargeable AAA batteries (No alkaline) 
  • USB cord (You already have this, its a "regular USB" to "mini-regular" USB. --Its the one that goes to your camera...   ...C'mon, you actually have 20 of these cords in a drawer or your "cord box", let's not kid ourselves here...)

Standard Kit:

A la Carte Ordering:
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Chassis Only:
  • Laser cut acrylic chassis 
  • Little Black Duck ball bearing motors
  • Tailwheel assembly
  • Wheels/ tires
  • Battery Holder
  • Mini Breadboard
  • All hardware required for assembly
Chassis and Mini Driver:
Chassis and Micro Magician:
Mini Driver and Obstacle Sensor:
Mini Driver and Line Follow Sensor:
Micro Magician and Obstacle Sensor:
Micro Magician and Line Follow Sensor: