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Tadpole Obstacle Sensor

Obstacle Sensor


This is the basic obstacle sensor used on the Tadpole Robots. It consists of (6) IR LED's and (3) IR sensors allowing for readings to be taken from the left, center and right of the robot. Total sensing distance can vary greatly depending on ambient light levels, etc. but on average, range is around 12" or so -plenty for any average-speed bot.

The operation is quite simple, the LED's shine forward and when there is an obstacle in the way, this light is reflected back to the sensors. As the obstacle gets closer, more light is reflected and the reading of the sensor increases. 

*Note: If you are using the Mini Driver board, please order the 5v version. The Micro Magician board uses the 3.3v version.

  • (3) ADC input pins 
  • (1) Digital output pin (to turn the LED's on and off)

In the Box:
  • One sensor, assembled (no solder required)
  • Jumper wires
  • Mounting hardware

This is the MicroM version of the obstacle sensor tutorial. This is part of the Tadpole tutorials. 

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