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PCB's and Boards

 Arduino Magic Magician

Simply an incredible amount of features and goodness packed in to a tiny board.

Mini Driver Board

Just a great, simple board.
 MicroM X-bee Breakout Board

Wanna plug in an X-bee to your Micro Magician board? Use this.
 Little Black Duck Motors

They look like servos but really, they are just great, simple, easy-to-mount motors!
Encoder Kit 

Probably the simplest encoders you will ever use.
 Tadpole Obstacle Sensor

Yup, this is the "standard" sensor for the Tadpoles...   ...and its a great sensor.
 Tadpole Line Follow Sensor

...and yes indeed, this is the line follow sensor used on the Tadpoles. (This one is great too!)
 Arduino Nano Undershield

The Arduino Nano Undershield is simply perfect for small, simple robots with everything you need, and nothing you don't.
 WiiCamera for Arduino

Put simply, the WiiCamera is a tiny IR camera harvested from a Nintendo WiiMote. In its native habitat, this camera can "see" the 2 IR lights inside the Sensor Bar placed near your TV. Add a little trigonometry, and the Wii controller knows exactly where it is in relation to the screen. In the robot world, this can translate into the ability to track and follow an IR light, travel to a "homing beacon", find and extinguish candles and much more. Add a near-IR laser and an accurate, inexpensive laser-radar system can be built. 
 WiiCamera for Propeller

Because of the awesomeness of the Propeller and it's ability to output the 25MHz clock signal the camera needs, there is no need for an on-board crystal or other doo-dads. This WiiCamera will work with the Propeller chip on one cog.
 NunChuck Connector Breakout

The Rocket Brand Nunchuck connector gives you the same strong, solid connection as the WiiMote itself, space for optional pull-up resistors and convenient mounting holes to attach to your project.