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Pen Kit

Pen Kit

Tadpole Pen Kit


Let's draw some pictures!

The Tadpole Pen Kit will allow you to add a pen, pencil, dry-erase or Sharpie to any Tadpole robot allowing you to draw pictures, text, or anything else your heart desires.

The pen kit mounts over the servo cut-out on the front of the Tadpole robot and uses the center hole provided on the chassis. Note: You will not be able to have a sensor-servo mounted with this kit and you will also have to remove the breadboard and plate.

The pen is held directly at the center point of the drive wheels, so no math is required to deal with any "offsets". The robot simply turns on its center, and the pen remains stationary.

The pen kit also includes the ability to raise and lower the pen via a servo. Now, normally (due to limitations of the Atmega8 brain) we can not use servos and speed control simultaneously, however in this particular instance, we can use a bit of a sneaky trick to allow us to do so. Yes, this kit will work with both the MicroM and MiniD boards.

To draw anything accurately, we must know the position of our wheels. To do this, the Tadpole Encoder Kit must be used.

Included in the kit:
  • Laser cut acrylic parts
  • All hardware needed for assembly
  • Lift servo
**Encoder kit sold seperately