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LBD Motors

LBD Motors

One Little Black Duck Motor


Yup, they are motors, not servos.

This is the Little Black Duck servo, modified for continuous rotation with the control circuit removed making it into a simple geared motor with a ball raced output shaft. This motor is perfect for small robots and can be easily driven by an L293D or a controller with a built in "H" bridge such as our Micro Magician.

*These are the motors used on the Tadpole Robots


DC Voltage:                           3V - 6V

No load current at 5V:        110mA ±10%

Stall current at 5V:              650mA ±10%

Speed (No load at 5V):        100RPM ±10%

Torque at 6V:                         2Kg/cm maximum

Weight:                                   9.1g

In the Box:

(1) LBD motor

(1) Baggie accessories (mounting screws, various horns etc)

(2) Mounting clips