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WiiCamera Prop

WiiCamera Propeller

WiiCamera Propeller

This product has been discontinued.


Put simply, the WiiCamera is a tiny IR camera harvested from a Nintendo WiiMote. In its native habitat, this camera can "see" the 2 IR lights inside the Sensor Bar placed near your TV. Add a little trigonometry, and the Wii controller knows exactly where it is in relation to the screen. In the robot world, this can translate into the ability to track and follow an IR light, travel to a "homing beacon", find and extinguish candles and much more. Add a near-IR laser and an accurate, inexpensive laser-radar system can be built. 

The breakout board contains only the WiiCamera and a 6-pin header for use with a Propeller Chip. The camera needs an external 25mhz clock signal (produced by the prop) and one prop pin to control the reset line of the camera. The mounting hole pattern of the board fits a standard micro servo.

So how does it work?
The camera can "see" up to 4 points of IR (or near IR) light. For each point, the camera outputs an X/Y position, size and brightness. The library does all the work for you and you are left with nice, simple numbers to work with in your code.

Included in the kit:
  • WiiCamera and board (Populated and soldered)
  • Bag of Goodies*
*What are the extra things in the bag of parts?!?
Why is there a speaker included in my bag of parts, you may ask... well, you can simply consider these Cracker Jacks Prizes and a small gift from RBS. Basically, when I "harvest" the cameras from the WiiMotes, 2 items just sorta "fall out" --One is the speaker, and the other is a small vibe motor. I have no use for these things and the started to pile up, so I decided to simply pass them on to you.

Glue the vibe motor to a toothbrush and make a BristleBot. Take the speaker and use it for well, speaker-related things.

Finally, the black plastic thing is an IR shield. Depending on your application, it may or may not "improve your numbers". Simply play with it and see if it helps with your particular set-up.

*Note: If you would like to use this camera with an Arduino, please see the WiiCamera board with the included crystal. It is Here

Christopher Robinson,
Nov 28, 2012, 2:16 PM