Performance Feedback Revision

What is this, "Performance Feedback Revision" thing all about and what does it mean?
(And WHY would someone have it tattooed on one's body)

The idea of performance feedback revision comes from a good friend, Baba Brinkman. Mr. Brinkman started with work on a rap version of the classic Canterbury Tales. Approached by an Evolutionary Biologist, he was asked if he could produce some hip-hop based educational rap. What followed was what he is today. Rapping and educating, Baba Brinkman rose to stardom.

One particular song, "The rap guide to evolution" makes a correlation between the act of writing and producing rap lyrics and the process of evolution. The underlying concept, "performance, feedback, revision" refers to the idea that everything in the world is in flux. Everything is in a perpetual state of being done, observed and made to be better. Mother Nature does this each and every day through evolution and rappers do this on a continuing basis to create and hone their material and performances.

I personally came across this idea when I saw Baba Brinkman on an episode of Rachel. At the time, I was making some fairly large personal life changes. These life improvements I was undertaking were intense and difficult. When I heard the phrase, "performance, feedback, revision", I found a great sense of calm come over me as I rolled this new idea around in my head. To me, the idea is simple; Every problem that has ever existed, or will ever exist, can be fixed with this performance, feedback, revision concept. To me, it is a foundation -a base. I know I can stand firmly on the idea that whatever I am going through, whatever I must overcome, I simply need to try something, carefully observe the results and simply make it better. There is no judgement or expectation. There is no assurance that your fix is even going to work --and there does not need to be. If the solution I have chosen does not work, I simply need to make it better. Failure no longer exists, only progression.

This concept, at its core, is the pinnacle of universality.  Any problem of any kind can be solved. Every idea, product or action can be made to be better. You are standing upright because you brain is able to achieve balance through measuring the movement of fluid in your ear. This is done on a constant basis and conforms precisely with the performance, feedback, revision idea. Your body moves, your ear provides feedback and your brain adjusts those movements accordingly.

Airplanes were perfected with performance, feedback, revision. 
We got men to space with performance, feedback, revision.
Rappers become better rappers with performance, feedback, revision.
Bacteria became Man with performance, feedback, revision.
One can even improve themselves with performance, feedback, revision.

In conclusion, this idea, this concept is my foundation. It is my home, it is my sanctuary. Anything can happen, anything can come up, anything can go wrong...   ...and I have the Swiss Army Knife of solutions to fix anything.