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  • Print your own Me!

    Oh, I know how you all have been waiting for this.... 
    You too can own your own me!

    Yes, ladies and gents, your dreams have now been fulfilled.
    You can 3d print your very own Chris the Carpenter...

    At Maker Faire this year, I was lucky enough to be booth-neighbors with the Great Fredini himself. A man with a lappy, turntable, K'nect scanner...  ...and a dream of 3d photo booths. Fred has put together an incredibly simple and tidy 3d person scanner and spent the better part of 2 days at Maker patiently scanning hundreds of folks. I was one of those lucky people. Below, you will find a link that goes directly to my own scan, but I highly encourage folks to take a look at Fredini's whole Thingiverse collection. All the great Maker staff is there as well as hundreds of regular folks. You can print little people to your hearts content.

    Posted Oct 5, 2013, 2:16 PM by Christopher Robinson
  • Off to Maker Faire NYC

    Rocket Brand Studios is Proud to be attending this year's Maker Faire in NYC.
    We will be representing both RBS and also, Let's Make Robots.
    Come see us!!
    (Click the Maker Faire logo above for more information)

    Please Note: All orders placed between 9.16.13 and 9.22.13 will be shipped the week of 9.23.13
    Posted Sep 16, 2013, 8:24 AM by Christopher Robinson
  • How Awesome is Chicken Parmi?

    (Super awesome is the answer, by the way...)

    Upon receiving his Tadpole Educational kit, my very good friend, Mr. ChickenParmi, took the liberty of making this awesome video for me. How cool is that?

    Follow ChickenParmi (and his awesome tutorials)
    Jaidyn Edwards on the YouTubes
    ChickenParmi at Let's Make Robots
    Chicken's Personal Website Duino-Robotics

    Posted Sep 1, 2013, 8:39 PM by Christopher Robinson
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I Got My Start at Let's Make Robots
Chris the Carpenter

Disclaimer and CYA

Ok, here's my fancy-schmancy disclaimer:
I sell kits that you, the customer are going to put together. There are a ton of things you can screw up, from a simple polarity mistake, to soldering the right thing to the wrong thing. You could stick a soldering iron in your eyeball or possibly cut off one of your left toes. These mistakes (except for toe-based injuries) will usually result in a puff of smoke and some time to get a replacement part but can sometimes result in a catastrophic fire that burns your whole house down or makes your dog blind. Rocket Brand Studios, because it has no ability to control the final product, thus will accept no liability in any way for any damage caused by the construction or use of the kits sold. There is no warranty, and no guarantee of any kind with any of the products sold here. Period.