• Tadpole Wood! (Working Title)

    Ladies and Gents, may I introduce you to the newest Tadpole in the family...
    The Tadpole Wood!
    Just a super-duper as the original Tadpole, but now made from wood!

     Tadpole Wood


    The Tadpole Wood features the same hardware and functionality as the original Tadpole, including optical sensors, Micro Magician brain and easy non-solder assembly. A super great first kit with clear assembly instructions and step-by-step tutorials and a fantastic way to get into the hobby of robot making. 

    The chassis is laser-cut birch plywood with an "A" quality on any surface that shows. Pretty darn smooth right out of the box, but can be sanded, stained, painted or magic-marker'ed (is that a word?).

    • Dagu Mini Driver
    • Dagu Micro Magician
    • Standard Arduino Boards
    • Picaxe "standard" 28x board
    • Picaxe's new Shield Base system

    • A little Phillips-head screwdriver
    • Maybe a pair of pliers would be handy, but you really don't need it
    • (4) Rechargeable AAA batteries (No alkaline) 
    • USB cord (You already have this, its a "regular USB" to "mini-regular" USB. --Its the one that goes to your camera...   ...C'mon, you actually have 20 of these cords in a drawer or your "cord box", let's not kid ourselves here...)

    Included in the Kit:
    • Micro Magician Arduino board
    • 3 position IR object sensor
    • Laser cut 3mm birch plywood chassis
    • Little Black Duck ball bearing motors
    • Tailwheel assembly
    • Wheels/ tires
    • Battery holder
    • Mini Breadboard
    • All hardware required for assembly

    Posted Nov 3, 2013, 3:15 PM by Christopher Robinson
  • Print your own Me!

    Oh, I know how you all have been waiting for this.... 
    You too can own your own me!

    Yes, ladies and gents, your dreams have now been fulfilled.
    You can 3d print your very own Chris the Carpenter...

    At Maker Faire this year, I was lucky enough to be booth-neighbors with the Great Fredini himself. A man with a lappy, turntable, K'nect scanner...  ...and a dream of 3d photo booths. Fred has put together an incredibly simple and tidy 3d person scanner and spent the better part of 2 days at Maker patiently scanning hundreds of folks. I was one of those lucky people. Below, you will find a link that goes directly to my own scan, but I highly encourage folks to take a look at Fredini's whole Thingiverse collection. All the great Maker staff is there as well as hundreds of regular folks. You can print little people to your hearts content.

    Posted Oct 5, 2013, 2:16 PM by Christopher Robinson
  • Back From Maker Faire

    Hey hey! I had a wicked-awesome time at Maker this year!
    Much love, much thanks, to all I met, talked to, passed in the hallway, and to all who gave us a hand at the ol' booth...

    If you are interested in one of the Tadpole kits, I know it can be a bit overwhelming with all the options.
    Below, you can find our most "standard" model and a great way to get into robotics.

    Tadpole Robot Kit

    Posted Nov 3, 2013, 3:14 PM by Christopher Robinson
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Disclaimer and CYA

Ok, here's my fancy-schmancy disclaimer:
I sell kits that you, the customer are going to put together. There are a ton of things you can screw up, from a simple polarity mistake, to soldering the right thing to the wrong thing. You could stick a soldering iron in your eyeball or possibly cut off one of your left toes. These mistakes (except for toe-based injuries) will usually result in a puff of smoke and some time to get a replacement part but can sometimes result in a catastrophic fire that burns your whole house down or makes your dog blind. Rocket Brand Studios, because it has no ability to control the final product, thus will accept no liability in any way for any damage caused by the construction or use of the kits sold. There is no warranty, and no guarantee of any kind with any of the products sold here. Period.