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Investment Opportunities

Farm Bonds  are a way to invest directly in your local food system. They work a lot like other bonds. Your money will accrue interest and, when it is mature, you will be paid in full, or you can communicate with Todd or Heather about future investment opportunities

How will my investment be used?
  • At Rock Dove Farm we work hard to provide fresh, healthy, delicious and organic veggies for the residents of Columbus.  But we need to expand our operations to become a viable business. 
  • Your investment will enable Rock Dove Farm to become a financially and environment sustainable business.
  • We will use your investment to purchase equipment and infrastructure to increase or improve our production. Click here for more information.
  • Your investment will allow us to make fresh, local, organic vegetables available throughout the Columbus area. 
Investment has begun
  • Rock Dove Farm has already raised more than 20% of our fundraising goal.
  • Others have chosen to believe in Rock Dove Farm's business model, we hope you will too.
  • Business plan available upon request.
Advisory Board
  • Rock Dove Farm is looking to put together an advisory board.  
  • We will contact our investors to determine interest in participation
  • The advisory board will meet regularly to discuss future direction of the farm and ensure we are meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and investors
If you are interested in investing please call Todd: 614-738-1050