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, published by the National Wildlife Federation, is full of useful activities teachers can use in their classroom. You can receive the monthly magazine online in your inbox.
AMAZING SPACE - a website full of activities about the Solar System.
ENERGY QUEST is an educational website of the California Energy 
Commission. It contains numerous activities and information about energy.
SCIENCE SPOT - a website that includes lesson plans, great 
science links, and more.
SCIENCE JUNCTION is a website created by North Carolina State 
University for teachers and students.  It has many educational 
ZOOM ASTRONOMY  is a comprehensive on-line site about space and 
NASA Images -  a service of the Internet Archive, a nonprofit 
digital library. It was created under a Space Act agreement to 
offer unprecedented access to NASA media (including images, 
video, and audio), functioning as a free online library for all 
of NASA's multimedia content. Users can search for material by 
keyword or theme (such as Earth, Astronauts, Solar System, or 
Universe), or they can browse through several featured collections.
EDHEADS - Edheads helps students learn through educational games 
and activities designed to meet state and national standards. 
So dive into an activity to let the fun and learning begin!
YUCKY! - This is the "yuckiest" site on the internet!  
Learn more about body functions and systems, and play yucky and 
fun games.  There are links to roaches and worms, too!
Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal 
natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation 
biology at the University of Michigan.
THE SPACE WEATHER REPORT - Interesting weather predictions and more.
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Website
National Geographic Coloring Book of Animals - Wide selection of 
animal prints to print out and color.
ASTRONOMY WORKSHOP - The Astronomy Workshop is a collection of 
computer assisted learning tools for students interested in astronomy, and 
by the general public.
SPACEWEATHER - News and Information about the Earth-Sun environment
JOURNEY NORTH - engages students in a global study of wildlife 
migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own 
field observations with classmates across North America.
NASA Homepage 
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admistration (Nation Weather Service)  
ScienceTube is on the order of YouTube for Science but has soooo much more! 
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