Weekly Homework Assignment

Each week your child will get a packet of homework on Monday and it should be completed by Friday.
In addition to the homework packet your child will recieve a steno book and an A-Z book. Each should be read 3 times a night. 
Steno Books:
Your child will recieve a new page in their steno book when they have mastered the page they are currently on. 
For ex: each steno book starts with the students identifying the alphabet. Once you feel that they have mastered those pages, you as the parent, will sign the steno page and date it. Once your child returns to school the next day the teacher will assess the child and if they have mastered the pages, we will give them another page. 
A-Z Books:
Each day your child will recieve a "paper book" or A-Z book. Your child will need your assistance with reading this book until they become fluent readers. Let them use the pictures to read as much as they need until they have learned additional strategies. Please sign the accompanying sheet to indicate that your child has read their A-Z book. They should get a different A-Z book at least twice a week. We try to replace the book every Monday and Wednesday.
 Flash Cards:
At the parent-teacher conference you receive(d) Kindergarten flash cards. In December, you will receive first grade sight words. Please have your child practice these flash cards every night.