Bus Information

Bus / Transportation Questions:

  • Contact Mr. Matt Rice, Asst. Principal or Michelle Chestnut for questions regarding bus assignment.
  • Students are not allowed to ride buses other than their assigned buses.
  • If a student has a "change of address" a change of address form must be completed and turned in to Mr. Courts  in guidance along with a mandatory copy of a utility bill or notarized landlord lease agreement.  Utility bill must show "service address" or it is NOT acceptable.  Acceptable utility bills are Power bills, water bills or gas (Piedmont) bills.  Only one document is needed.  Duke Power will fax a verification of service address for you, all you need to do is call the, still require the change of address form and you need to make sure you follow up that the power company faxes it.  The name on the fax will not be the student so you must call and verify that we have received it.  These may be faxed to guidance at 348-2924.
  • Please make sure you note on the change of address form that your chide rides the bus.  The address change must be updated in NCWISE, verified and entered into our database for at least 24 business hours before a request can be made to the "bus" database for a bus assignment.  Please plan ahead and turn this information in as soon as possible.  Bus assignments can take several days to process. Change of bus ridership can take up to five days to complete, so please turn these in promptly.