Technology In the Classroom

Rockingham County Schools equips each elementary school classroom with an interactive white board, a projection system, and a document camera.  Additionally, teachers share access to class sets of mobile devices, such as Chromebooks and tablets.  Students may also be given access to classroom or media center desktop computers. This technology is used to enhance instruction to meet the needs of all learners. 

Below you will find examples of this technology in use.

Fifth grade students at Central Elementary School learn about Force and Motion using Discovery Science Virtual Labs.

Third grade students at Bethany Elementary School create digital avatars using Voki.  

Google Apps

Students around the county are using Google Apps to conduct research and create presentations. Google Apps allows allows students to collaborate on Google Documents with their classmates and access a thesarus, dictionary, and translator to help them complete assignments.

Elementary students across the county are using KidBlog to discuss what they are learning in class, including solutions to math problems and elements in literature.