Mustang PRIDE: What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Support is a national initiative that is a proactive and positive approach to student behavior. PBIS is a systematic approach that: Establishes and reinforces clear behavioral expectations; Is a team-based system involving the entire school staff; Must be adopted by ALL staff for a common approach to discipline that is proactive, instructional, and outcome-based; Uses data to guide decision making; Focuses on systematically teaching social behavior; Systematically teaches and implements behavioral interventions for ALL students

Our PBIS program will bring school, families, and the community together to support the teaching and learning of successful school behavior for all students. It will create a safe, more enjoyable, and more productive school environment. Together it will allow all students to learn responsible behavior and achieve academic success.

Our PRIDE motto helps us remember to be... P=Positive; R=Respectful; I=I will do my best; D=Do kind things; E=Everyone safe

Pride Rap.mp4

When we do these things, we help make our school better and we learn ways to be successful with academics, friends, and community!  PBIS works with the needs of the school to identify and address areas of concern or need for behavior change.   We have chosen to start with the overall theme of PRIDE and break it down into specific expectations for certain areas.  

We began our PRIDE motto in 2011 with a cheer...Below are videos of Monroeton stars cheering us on!

Pride Cheer by Kindergarten

Pride Cheer Third Grade

Check out our 2013 Pride Rap video starring Monroeton students and staff!!!

Pride Rap 2013

Below are attachments for our starting areas.  As we continue to expand and improve, we will post new lessons and videos to share.  Please click the page links located in the navigation bar to the left to view videos in other areas.
Our PRIDE matrix displays what our expectations are in every area of the school! 


Our PRIDE poster displays what our daily rap to remind us of our expectations! 

PRIDE poster Legal Size

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