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     I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Mrs. Thomas' webpage.  You will find our classroom expectations,  a list of needed school supplies, a description of the homework policy, a description of Being Prepared and a list of homework assignments and upcoming assignments for math class.
Classroom Expectations:  1.  Come on time and prepared for class.
                                      2.   Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
                                      3.  Respect your peers and adults.
Rewards for Spectacular Behavior:  Special Treats and Outstanding Fun Time
Classroom Supplies for 2014-2015:  1. One 3-ring binder(11/2" or 2")
                                                      2. Loose-leaf paper
                                                      3. One pack of subject dividers
                                                      4. One marble composition notebook (No spiral notebooks)
                                                      5. One folder with prongs
                                                      6. Pencils for every day of the year
                                                      7. Kleenex and hand sanitizer
Homework Poicy:  Homework is given approximately 3 days a week.  Students are required to try each problem and defend their answer by showing their work.  If students do not complete the assignment on the day it is assigned they are given a detention slip that gives them the option of completing the assignment for the next day or staying for afterschool detention to complete the assignment.  Students are responsible for correcting their homework in class then keeping 10 homework assignments in their homework section of their notebook.  After the 10th assignment I will collect the corrected homework and students receive a test grade for the homework they have completed and corrected.  Practicing math concepts provides students the opportunity to become more proficient in math.
Being Prepared:  Each student takes part in a program called Being Prepared.   Everyday in math class students can receive a grade of 100 for each of the following:
                                being in their seat on time
                                bringing their book and notebook to class
                                bringing a pencil to class
                                having their homework completed
                                completing their journal entry
WOW!  That is a lot of 100's they can get.  Students could have a total of 25 - 100's a week.  If they are not successful at doing one of the items they receive a grade of 0 for that item.  It is very important that students are on task at all times.

 1st Core Assignments:                                       2nd Core Assignments:

1. Create a Random Sample Worksheet                  1. Create a Random Sample Worksheet
2. Case 21 Worksheet                                              2.  Case 21 Worksheet
3. Page 437(10,11,14,15)(16,17)                             3. Bingo Game
4. MAD Worksheet                                                   4. Page 437(10,11,14,15)(16-17)
5.Release Worksheet                                               5.  MAD Worksheet
6.Page 376(4-9)(20) Page 398(9-14)                       6.  Page 376(4-9)(20) Page 398(9-14)
7. Page 398(17-22)                                                  7. Page 398(17-22)
8. Probability Worksheet                                          8. Probability Worksheet
 3rd Core Assignments:                             4th Core Assignments:
1. Page 596(13-16)Page597(18,19,21)                       1. Page 596(13-16)Page597(18,19,21)
2. Create a Random Sample Worksheet                     2. Create a Random Sample Worksheet
3. Case 21 Worksheet                                                 3. Case 21 Worksheet
4. Page 241(10-17)                                                     4. Page 241(10-17)
5. MAD Worksheet                                                      5. MAD Worksheet
6. Release Worksheet                                                6. Release Worksheet
7.Page 638(20-23)Page 653(11-14)                           7.Page 638(20-23)Page 653(11-14)
8. Page 653(15-20)                                                     8. Page 653(15-20)
8. Probability Worksheet                                             8. Probability Worksheet

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All Classes:  MAD Pop Quiz this week!!!!

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