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Review of fingering for alphabetic keys

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Click here for the 6th Grade Keyboarding Quia Page

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Ascending and Descending Order Practice for Fun  


NAME: Mrs. Marsha Roark
Meet my family:
Brooke (my daughter), Me, and Alex (my son)

SCHOOL: J.E. Holmes Middle School

CLASSES:  Keyboarding and Word Processing Basics - 6th Grade Students, Introduction to Office Productivity - 7th Grade Students and Office Productivity - 8th Grade.

SCHOOL PHONE: 336-623-9791 ext. 53231

About The Teacher

*~*This is my 25th year of teaching at Holmes Middle school.
*~*I was awarded Teacher of The Year for the 2005 - 2006 school year.
*~*I obtained National Board Certification in 2004-2005.
*~*I have my Master's Degree in Business Education from UNCG.
*~*I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Education from ASU.

Mission For The Class

The mission for all my classes is that students will be empowered by 
technology to experience new learning opportunities.
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