"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Piano Lab
  • One class offered each semester
  • 20 students per class
  • Available for grades 10-12
  • If planning to major in music, see Mrs. Nall ASAP
  • Excellent chance to learn to play even if you don't have a piano at home
  • You do NOT have to know how to play piano in order to take this class
  • Final evening recital counts as final exam
  • Honors credit available for advanced students
  • Chorus, Concert Choir, Women's Ensemble
  • Chorus: Any student may sign up; Fall semester only
  • Concert Choir: Auditioned choir; both semesters
  • Women's Ensemble: Auditioned choir; Spring semester only
  • Honors Credit available for advanced students
  • Spring semester classes (Women's Ensemble & Concert Choir) usually participate in Music Performance Adjudication ("Contest") and/or take a trip.