Words Their Way

Words Their Way is a hands-on, developmentally-driven approach to word study that illustrates how to integrate and teach children phonics, vocabulary, and spelling skills.

In class, we will be:
  • demonstrating
  • sort and check
  • reflect
  • extended activities

Types of Extended Activities:

Practice the Sort and Write it Students repeat earlier sort or create their own and record

Blind Sorts and Writing Sorts

Students work in pairs to do blind sorts (one student calls out words while the other records; then switch roles) and record.

Word Hunts

Students will ‘hunt’ for current word patterns in different reading materials. Record in Reflection Log.

Other Activities (write word sort, select 5-10 words to draw and label, change a letter(s) to make new words, or select 5-10 words to use in sentences and record.)

It is important that your child sorts all of their words and not just the ones that they will be tested on because it will help them develop their skill by noticing patterns.


HW Sorts:

Monday- sort by skill

Tuesday- blind sort

Wednesday- writing sort* (up to 15 minutes)

Thursday- writing sort (spelling words only)


*Sometimes your child will get many words, so only work on a written sort for 15 minutes.


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