Our Writing Process

At the beginning of every six weeks, students will be setting a writing goal for themselves. During the six weeks, the student and I will monitor this goal. At the end of every six weeks, students will look over their finished works and evaluate themselves. Then students will take their finished projects home to share.

Writing Time:

Free Write: 10 minutes
Students will write nonstop for a period of 10 minutes without stopping to make corrections, cross anything out, or judge their thoughts. This type of "stream of consciousness" writing allows for a flow of ideas and uncovers new ideas.

Mini-Focus Skill: 5-10 minutes (Will usually be taught during reading time and then reminded at the beginning of writing in order to point out what other good authors do and due to our limited time.)
We will focus on one skill a week to work on with the class. I will model the skill, then guide students, and finally, students will be required to apply the skill.

Bouncers: 10 minutes
If a student is starting a new writing project, students will find someone to bounce ideas off of to collectively discuss how the ideas are formed, supported, and argued.

Writing Process: 20 minutes (10 minutes for those coming from bouncing)
Students will plan, write, edit, revise, and publish their writing projects. I will meet with students individually to discuss what they want to look for in their writing and document what was discussed.

Students will share finished work with the class or small groups.