World History Resources for 2nd Semester

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Quizlet for Vocabulary Study

Israel Vocabulary:  https://quizlet.com/200052300/world-history-israel-vocabulary-flash-cards/

Chapter 5 Ancient Egypt Part 1


Chapter 5 Ancient Egypt Part 2


Chapter 3:  https://quizlet.com/189876566/world-history-chapter-3-vocabulary-flash-cards/

Prehistory terms:      https://quizlet.com/184444387/autosavedS  

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Israel Vocabulary:  https://www.studystack.com/flashcard-2497945

Chapter 5 Ancient Egypt Part 1:


Chapter 5 Ancient Egypt Part 2:


Chapter 3 Mesopotamia:   https://www.studystack.com/studytable-2454012

Prehistory Terms:     https://www.studystack.com/flashcard-2428296

Words & definitions


Mesopotamia    The region where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow

Floodplain          the flat land bordering the banks

silt                          the fine soil deposited by rivers

semiarid              climate with less than 10 inches of rain a year and hot summers

drought                a period when not enough rain and snow fall

Surplus                 more supplies  than they needed for themselves

Mouth                  the part of a river that empties into a larger body of water

city-state             A community that includes a city and its nearby farmlands

ziggurat                a temple that is also the city hall ran by priests and serves as storehouse for grain

polytheism         A belief in many gods and goddesses

irrigation             farmers’ system of canals for watering crop fields

king                       the highest-ranked leader of a group of people

reed                      the hollow stem of a tall grass

bronze                  a mixture of copper and tin

pictographs        Such symbols known “picture writing.”

stylus                    sharpened reed used to press markings into a clay tablet

cuneiform           wedge-shaped writing that used  symbols made entirely of wedge shapes on clay tablets

scribes                  The people who specialized in writing

World History Looking at Prehistory Terms

BC              before Christ

AD              anno Domini  (in the year of the Lord)

BCE            before common era

CE               common era

Agriculture           practice of farming (raising animals or plants for human use

Anthropology      study of how people have developed and live in cultural groups

Archeologist         scientist who uncovers evidence, or proof, from the past

Artifact                 object made by people long ago

Carbon dating      method of estimating the age of an animal or a plant after it has died

Culture                 way individuals or groups react with their environment (i.e. customs, beliefs, and art)

Nomad                  person who travels from place to place with seasons

Prehistory             period of time before written records or language

Technology           way in which humans produce items they use

Hominid               first humanlike creatures










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