Classroom Procedure

World Map (no Southern Ocean)
World Map (blank)
Article on the Southern Ocean. You may complete your Circle Maps and notes.
Latitude and Longitude text. Complete a Circle Map. Remember, you should have an outline of the text as well.
Outline-style notes on latitude and longitude
Geography Note Check Questions

Edmodo Chromebook  Project on the History of Disease. Remember these links are also on Edmodo.
Video clip  providing an overview of the Plague. Pay close attention as the three types of Plague are discussed.
Black Death in Asia--Create a Circle Map. Also, compile a list of 15 dates and create a Flow Map.
The Renaissance in Italy-(After clicking the link, open the document titled "introduction to renaissance." Create an outline to learn about how the Renaissance started in Italy. Here's the partial outline we created in class.
The de' Medici family. Create a list of notes from the handout. (click Medici) . Here are the questions.
The Northern Renaissance. Create a list of notes from the handout (click 1--Northern Renaissance). Here are the questions
Leonardo da' Vinci: The Renaissance Man: Create questions from the handout. (click Leonardo)Instructions are here..
Protestant Reformation pre-knowledge questions.
Handouts on Wycliffe, Hus and Savonarola.
Reformation Tree Map document.