North Carolina Final Exam Practice
Sample questions are here and here.

Second World War
World War project
Second World War notes pt. 2
Second World War notes pt. 1

Interwar Years
Great Depression handout and questions
Becoming Hitler video
Between the Wars notes pt. 3
Between the Wars notes pt. 2
Between the Wars notes pt. 1

First World War
Closing notes on the First World War
First World War weaponry text and questions.
Trench warfare handout and questions.
First World War notes and video

Nationalism and Imperialism
South America handout and questions
Scramble for Africa handout and questions
China and Spheres of Influence handout and questions.
New Imperialism text and questions.
Text on Romanticism. Create a list of characteristics and examples of Romanticism you learn about in the text.
Nationalism overview Questions here

Industrial Revolution
Household inventions and medical advances during the Industrial Revolution here. Guide Questions. Inventions Chart
Click here for the texts on laissez-faire and Marxist economics. Click "Karl Marx and the Birth of Socialism" and "Laissez-Faire Economics and Classical Liberalism." Compare and contrast the two.
Text of the Luddite movement during early 19th century. Use these questions as a guide to create an outline or Tree Map.
Click here for the text on the early railroad. After opening the folder, click "Transportation: The Dominance of the Railroads. Take notes or create a Circle Map and answer these questions.
Click here for the text on the early textile industry. After opening the folder click "Textile Industry." Take notes or create a Circle Map from the text. Answer these questions.
Click here for the handouts on life before the Industrial Revolution and the early inventions of the Industrial Revolution. After opening the folder, click "Before the Industrial Revolution" and "First Important Inventions" to get the text. The assignments are here. Also, here is the format for writing down your main ideas and questions.

Age of Enlightenment
Text on the Haitian Revolution and text on Latin American independence from Spain. Remember to create Circle Maps and then summarize both texts with Tree Maps or outline summaries.
Text on Napoleon Bonaparte. Create notes to summarize the text. Use this as a guide.
Summary of the French Revolution (remember to create and outline or Tree Map)
Handout on natural rights and the Declaration of Independence and assignment.
Handout on Absolute Monarchy and questions

Age of Exploration
Instructions Age of Exploration Project
Handout on the Mughal Empire and questions.
John Green's Crash Course  World History on the Mughal Empire in India
Instructions for Age of Exploration Chromebook project.
Links for European Explorer Tree Map. Remember, we have a quiz next Wednesday. Good notes will be invaluable.
Spain: Ponce de Leon, Cortes, Pizarro, De Soto, Coronado
France: Verrazzano, Cartier, Champlain, Father Marquette, La Salle
England: Cabot, Drake, Hudson, Cook
The Netherlands: Janszoon, Tasman
Russia: Timofeyevitch, Bering
*Important note: Cortes, Cartier, Verrazzano, Marquette and Bering are on the same document. Scroll down as needed.
Handout on Magellan and questions.
Handout on Christopher Columbus and questions. (On question 5, the quote is next to the portrait of Columbus in the article. Use the arrow keys in top left to navigate.)
Handout on Vasco da Gama and questions. (Click the + signs to open the text on the da Gama article)
Handout on Zheng He and questions.
Handouts on the spice trade here and here. Create a Circle Map using these sources.
John Greene Crash Course in World History clip. (Use for your Age of Exploration Circle Map)
Handout on the Age of Exploration introduction. Create a Circle Map with this text.

Handout on the Scientific Revolution (Click Scientific Revolution)
Create a Tree Map using your notes and the following text. (Click the + symbols to open text)
Martin Luther Part 1, Part 2, Part 3-Create a Circle Map from the information.
Protestant Reformation Part 1, Part 2, Part 3-  , Part 4, Part 5-Create a Circle Map from the information.
Handout on the Sack of Constantinople. Create a Circle Map.
Notes on the Protestant Reformation Pt. 1

Introduction to the Renaissance Outline
Handout on Florence and questions. ( For handout, click Florence after clicking "Handout" link)
Medici Family outline
Handout on Medici Family and patronage. (click Medici after opening link)
Questions on Medici Family
Handout on Leonardo da Vinci and questions. (After clicking "Handout" link, click "Leonardo."
Handout on Renaissance art and questions.
Handout on the Northern Renaissance and questions. (After clicking "Handout," click "Northern Renaissance.")
Handout on Fashion and Hygiene during the Renaissance and questions.(Click "Fashion and Hygiene.")
Handout on Machiavelli and the Nation-state and questions. (Click Machiavelli and the Nation State after opening handout link.)

Black Death
We are using the following documents to study the Black Death this week:
The Black Death in Asia --Questions here
The Black Death in Europe--Questions here
.Overview of the Black Death
Reaction to the Black Death (Use pp 2 and 3)
Notes and Questions to the Reaction to the Black Death
Competing Theories on what Caused the Black Death
Questions on Competing Theories on what Caused the Black Death
Boccaccio's account of the Plague and questions
Don't forget your introductory outline.