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Course Description

This course is designed to teach basic digital input skills including keying using the touch method, speech recognition, and use of handheld devices. Emphasis is on the daily use and operation of commonly used digital communication devices to develop skill with concentrated application of those skills in the production of business communication and correspondence. Communication skills are reinforced as the student formats, composes, and edits.

Course Competencies/Objectives

·         Explore computer systems.

·         Use the touch method in operating a keyboard.

·         Use speech recognition to input data.

·         Examine alternative input devices and connectivity.

·         Create documents using traditional and alternative input devices.

·         Use spreadsheet software with traditional and alternative input devices.

·         Use database software with traditional and alternative input devices.

·         Produce straight-copy materials rapidly and accurately with traditional and handwriting and speech recognition devices.

·         Demonstrate leadership and employability skills.



  • Daily grades: online reviews, reinforcement assignments and homework
  • Tests: unit tests (based on the VOCATS Test Item Bank), vocabulary quizzes, and performance tests (based on applications of skills acquired)
  • Participation: MicroType, learning assignments
  • Exams: State-required VOCATS exam (End-of-Course Test) and county-required performance exam