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31 Kindergarten Sight Words

Below are 31 words that we will be working on throughout the year.  They will be tested at the end of every 6 weeks to see what they know.  By the end of the year, your student should know these 31 words.  If your student learns these words and knows them well, they will be given a new list of words to prepare them for first grade!  Please go over these words at home.  Focus on a few at a time until they know them well and then add more words! 
black                                                      brown                                               are
orange                                                   red                                                    have
come                                                      for                                                     see
my                                                           on                                                     here
we                                                           you                                                    little
yellow                                                     blue                                                  like
purple                                                     a                                                       the
do                                                            go                                                     I
no                                                            one                                                   look
what                                                         green                                               me
Below are some ways that you make make learning these words fun at home!
~Write the words on note cards and play a matching game. 
~Use those same note cards and play a game of sight word GO FISH.
~Build the words using Playdoh.
~Go through old magazines and cut out the sight words they know.  Or you can let them highlight the words in the magazine.