Information and Literacy Web Links

Below are links to some of the best information and literacy websites for elementary school students.

Summer Reading
NC WiseOwl  
  • NC WiseOwl is a website put together by the state for NC students.  It contains a wealth of links and resources, including online encyclopedias and magazine datases.   Some of the resources require a password that you can get from Mrs. Dicey, media coordinator.  
Big 6 and Super 3
Free EBooks
All Subjects--Great School Sites
  • Factmonster offers reference resources, games, homework help, curruculum links and information on almost any topic for students in elementary grades.
  •  National Geographic has information and news about everything going on in the world of interest to students.  Click on this site for information about the giant snake skeleton discovered in South America.
  •  Kid Info has information and links to websites for school-related information and help.
For Parents
For Teachers