AR Guidelines for Teachers

Start-up Basics
We want to help you make this our best AR year ever.  Since AR goals are set for each individual student's current ability, every student should make their goal.  That is our goal.  Below please find a schedule and guidelines--please do not hesitate to ask questions.
In order for you to STAR test and set goals for students we need to assign students to classes, this should be done by August 31st so you can STAR test the week of August 31 to September 4.   Students may also begin taking AR tests August 31.
Once students have STAR tested you will need to set goals by September 11.  You will use the "Certification Point Goals" chart to set goals--available at the following link  We will plan to meet September 8 and 9 after school in one of the computer labs (not mandatory) to go through this process should you need help.  Goals for the first and last goal-setting period will be based on 6 weeks of reading a minimum of 20 minutes daily--30 minutes is preferable; goals for the other two are based on 9 weeks.  Kindergarten teachers will not set goals as students will test as a class; Grade 1 teachers will not need to set goals until the third grading period.
Be sure to run a diagnostic report weekly so you can keep up with student progress; by October 5th students should be at 50% of their point goal.
First Goal Period:    Set goals by September 11;  October 27 cut-off;   November 6  reward events
Second:                  Set goals by November 6;     January 22 cut-off;    January 29  reward events
Third:                      Set goals by February 5;       April 9 cut-off           April 16  reward events
Fourth:                    Set goals by April 16;           May 28 cut-off          June 4 reward events

January 5-8 and May 24-28 STAR retesting--this is to check for growth.

General Guidelines
  • Students should read 2 non-fiction books each nine weeks.
  • The percent correct goal we use is 80%.
  • Students should keep a reading log and conference before testing.
  • Students participating in SRA or Wilson should have their point goals reduced to 50%, if they are also EC the reduction is to 25% of the point goal.
  • Everyone should use 45 minutes (1:30 till dismissal) each day for AR reading time, every class has an assistant at this time to ensure that conferencing, monitoring, testing can take place.

A very good manual is available with detailed instructions on goal setting at