Timeline Map

It is  highly recommend collaborating with your Media Specialist for this project. They will be able to assist your students in the location of online resources as well as how to correctly cite these sources. 

It is also recommended that the project be completed in separate stages. The first being research and the second being the completion of the timeline using powerpoint.

Below is a site that has the instructions broken up by day, This is only a suggestion! Be sure to complete the project on your own before completing it with your students.

It is IMPERATIVE that MACROS are enabled. The instructions are in the techbook. If these are not followed, the map will not work properly. Students will probably have to enable macros each day you are in the lab due to deep freeze.

scroll down to grade 6 and Timeline map - Part 2 is actually Part 1 and vice versa
use this as a suggestion for creating your own 

Below are instructions for an alternative Timeline Map project using MyHistro. The chromebooks will work with this online web tool.