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Lesson Plans

  1. To view the assignments for today just click today's date.
  2. A page will open up that will allow you to open files associated by class periods.
  3. Attendance is attached to the clipboard along with an updated seating chart. Please take the attendance sheet to the office after the last period of the day.
4/9/10 1st, 2nd and 4th Period, Tech Math 2
         Show "Video Notes" for Areas of Regular Polygons
         Then give students their assignment, they need to work on # 1-45 all.
         After students finish the packet, they need to work on the single worksheet about trapezoids.

4/8/10 4th Period only, Tech Math 2
          Show "Video Notes" for Areas of Regular Polygons
          Then give students their assignment, they need to work on # 1-12 all.
          After students finish the worksheet "Practice 7-5" pass out the review packet which incorporates lessons 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3.

2/2/10 4th Period class is a Tech Math 2 course.
            Show the video and it's parts, then pass out the assignment, students were taught this material yesterday. So, they do not need to take notes on this material today, just observe.
            The assignment is listed and there are handouts of the same assignment.

1/28/10 1st, 2nd and 4th Period classes are all Tech Math 2 course.


            If when you look at the information you feel that it is too much for you, I have emergency lesson plans located in the back of the top filing cabinet drawer.

            Click on today’s date, when you do there will be a list of files that will open up.  The first file is today’s lesson. 

10/20/09 1st and 3rd are both Tech Math 2, but on the next page they are listed under "1st"

             1st will need you to open the Power Point "B01 - SolveSystemsByGraphing.ppt" then they will need to start on the worksheet "Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing", Copies provided on teacher desk.
             3rd needs to work on "Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing" worksheet, copies provided. If they get finished early they can start on their homework, "Graphing Systems of Equations - Investigation Worksheet", Copies provided.
             4th is working on Identifying Matrices and Solving for an unknown within the matrix. "Solving Multi-step Equations" worksheet packet provided
             If time permits pull up "Matrix Formation" for the class to work on as a group assignment.
            Attendance, there will be several students who will not be in class today. At the end of the day take the attendance list down to Mrs. Brown in the front office, thanks.
                    NC State Fair
                        Aaron Adkins (1st)
                        Kaleb Newman (3rd)
                        Chris Neal (3rd)
                        Nathan Shelton (3rd)
                    All County Chorus
                        Rosaland Dalton (1st)
                        Hillary Dodd (1st)
                        Trey Kellam (4th)
                    Choices Lab
                        T.J. Parker (3rd)

9/14/09 1st and 3rd are grouped together, they are both Tech Math 2.
            4th period is a Tech Math 1 course.
           Printouts are located on my desk, for 1st and 3rd periods, load the Powerpoint and make sure students are taking notes.