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Contact information:
School phone number - 548-9618 - ask for my extension
E-mail - mhester@rock.k12.nc.us

Supplies students will need for my class:
  • 1 3-ring binder (1 1/2 inch) or a 3 ring folder
  • 2 marble composition books
  • loose leaf paper & pencils
  • pencil case and/or holder/or zip lock baggie
  • Chlorox wipes - I diligently work to keep my classroom clean and germ free as possible.

Behavior Expectations:
  • Follow all school rules as listed in the school handbook.
  • Be respectful to everyone at all times.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Verbal warning
  • Team Conference
    Parent Contact
  • Silent Lunch/Detention
  • Parent Conference
  • Office visit

    The number one goal of Western Rockingham Middle School is for students to be willing, ready, and motivated for success throughout and after their three years here.  We will be incorporating technology to give students a deeper understanding of content.  The content we will talk about during this school year focuses on literary genres.  We will talk about each type of genre and incorporate a theme for each six weeks.  The themes we will explore include character, relationships, change, movement, choices, and adversity.

Grades:  The overall grade for each student will be determined as follows:
Tests, Projects, Homework/Classwork, Class Participation, Journals, Technology

Grading Scale:
A = 91 - 100
B = 81 - 90
C = 71 - 80
D = 60 - 70

If sudents are found cheating they will receive a zero on the assignment and they may also be referred to the office.

When Absent.....
Students are responsible for any work missed when absent.  It is each student's responsibility to get any missed notes or assignments from a fellow classmate or from the teacher after class.  Based on the number of days absent, students will have extra time to make up any missed work that needs to be turned in.

Forgot your homework?
I will try diligently to keep my web site updated by providing a description of your homework assignment nightly.

Contacting Ms. Hester:
The best way to contact me is through email at mhester@rock.k12.nc.us.  If email is not available or inconvenient, you can contact me after school from 3p-3:30p at (336)548-2168.