Huntsville Elementary School Media Center

Destiny is the name of our district's patron access software.
Destiny provides:
  • library catalog (search for books)
  • links to websites used with classes in media center
  • online reference short cuts
When users are logged in, they can:
  • see current check outs and renew books they are still reading that have become, or are close to becoming, overdue.
  • place holds on books they have been waiting to read.
  • create resource lists for projects.  These lists can also be converted to a Sources Cited page.
  • rate books that they have read on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • write book reviews for books that they have read.
  • search for books via DestinyQuest (visually engaging search portal) and see at a glance, the books most recently added to the media center collections.

(accessible at school and at home--If prompted, use the password that is on your Master Card.
NCDPI approved online resources for students to use to complete research and
project-based learning activities
  • Click Elementary Zone
  • Click buttons on left-hand side to access resources
  • Use search boxes to find what you are looking for
  • Click on the title to open the article
  • Read the article and make notes
  • Include the information in your presentation, project, report, etc.
  • Remember to give credit for where you find your information--most of
    these articles have the information you need to provide at the end of
    the article.
         Suggest Books for the Media Center---
Give your opinion about the types of books and/or series you would like for us to consider adding to the media center.
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