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Can you solve the Geometry Question????

Use the underlined sites to answer the questions.


Define the following geometry words:

Skew lines-








How many angles does a nonagon have?




What is the difference between area and perimeter?






What is the sum of the interior angles in a 70 sided figure?




Why did the Incas use trapezoids for their doors?




Draw a picture which includes the following figures: circle, trapezoid, TWO parallelograms, and 2 different triangles.






What is the difference between a regular and irregular geometric figure?



Explain how reflections and translations are used in quilt making.




Draw the “nets”of the following:

square (rectangular pyramid)

Triangular pyramid

Triangular prism

Rectangular prism

Don’t miss rotating each figure as you examine it!




Last question! Keep up the great investigating!!!!

Try the guess the view questions.

 Record how many you got right out of 10 here. _________

Now draw your own top view, side view, front view of a 3-D figure and see if a partner can create the figure out of centimeter cubes.