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The exams for both English II and English III will assess the student's writing ability.

 English II 

Students will view writing as a process and realize that multiple drafts are necessary to produce writing of publishable quality.

Writing assignments will range from paragraphs that respond to questions to creative writing to analysis to research essays. 

Writing: Research

Research Process

Both English II and English III students must complete a research project.  Students will be taught how to document sources in MLA style and how to paraphrase and quote information correctly using parenthetical citations. 

Essays must have a clear introduction with a thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion that connects the thesis to life or society of today; each body paragraph must have 2 to 3 cited paraphrases or quotes. Students can not use more than 5 quotations within a paper.  Students should cite at least five sources. The typed double spaced paper (Times New Roman Font size 12) should be at least 5 pages in length.  English III students should conduct a research paper on the same topic as their Senior Project.