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Writing: State Testing

All tenth grade students are required to take the NC Writing Assessment which will be given on March of this year.  After having eaten a proper breakfast and had enough sleep, students should arrive to school on time . Students will be asked to write an example of informational writing: cause and effect essay or extended definition essay. They may be asked to write a speech, letter, article or other type of writing to inform a specific audience. To learn more about what the state expects, you can visit the writing links below.
The scores for this writing assessment will be recorded on each student's
transcript. A Level 4 (score between 17 and 20) is the goal for each student.

Writing: Research

Research Process

Both English II and English III students must complete a research project.  Students will be taught how to document sources in MLA style and how to paraphrase and quote information correctly using parenthetical citations. 

Essays must have a clear introduction with a thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion that connects the thesis to life or society of today; each body paragraph must have 2 to 3 cited paraphrases or quotes. Students can not use more than 5 quotations within a paper.  Students should cite at least five sources. The typed double spaced paper (Times New Roman Font size 12) should be at least 5 pages in length.  English III students should conduct a research paper on the same topic as their Senior Project.