Underclassmen Opportunities

Freshmen, Sophmores, and Juniors have opportunities that they can partake in throughout their tenure at McMichael.  Below you will find some information about specific programs that we have information on.  There are also other programs available, so feel free to stop by Student Services and talk to someone to learn more.
 Current Freshmen, Sophmores, & Juniors
*Students should start creating their CFNC accounts as soon as they get into high school, if not before.  By creating this account, students can explore and create tools that will benefit them when it comes to their Senior year of high school and applying to colleges/universities.  Take the time to explore and create your account today.  Go to www.cfnc.org and click create a new account and begin your journey.
Current Juniors
*Now is the time for Juniors to start making plans for college.  To get a head start on the process, take advantage of college visits to the many different colleges/universities across the state of NC that are of interest to you.  To learn more about these colleges, visit www.cfnc.org.  This website also has virtual tours of colleges in case you can't visit personally.
Rising Juniors and Seniors
**NC Governor's School is an opportunity that you can participate in during the summertime.  It is a 6 week academic program that is both learnful and fun at the same time.  It has strict requirements and guidelines to adhere to and meet in order to attend.  To learn more see you counselor in September and/or October of each year.  Also, visit their website, www.ncgovschool.org.
Rising Seniors
**NC Summer Ventures is an opportunity that you can participate in during the summer months.  It is a 4 week academic program that sets the tone for learning, but at the same time, fun is had in the learning process.  To learn more, see your counselor and/or visit their website, www.summerventures.org.
Rising Sophmores, Juniors, & Seniors
**Teens Westward Bound is an exciting opportunity for students to embark on.  It is a 23 day trip across the US to learn and explore different states and scenary within them.  You must be recommended by a previous teen who attended the trip before.  To learn more, visit www.teenswestwardbound.com.