Latino & Undocumented Student Information

There are a number of scholarships for Latino students in North Carolina and across the nation. The first attachment is for North Carolina Latino students. There are scholarships AVAILABLE for DOCUMENTED AND UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS.
Ms. Hammond and I have found another scholarship list that undocumented students are eligible for as wel as documented students. Click HERE
The Hispanic Education Endowment Fund has numerous scholarships for Latino students.
Latino College Dollars assist Latino students (document and undocmented) find scholarships they are eligible for.
Scholarships for Hispanics is another great scholarship resource for Latino students.
Other links that are useful:
A Dream Deferred             Migration Policy            Pew Hispanic            Yo Si Puedo             El Pueblo            Adelamtenc            The NCshp
If for any reason, you or your parents are uncomfortable speaking with me please feel free to contact, Spanish Services Coordinator, Donna Weaver at the CFNC Resource Center via email or by phone, (336) 256-0470. She has a wealth of knowledge about Latino resources and scholarships. 
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