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Helpful article for parents and teachers:

What is a school counselor?
A school counselor is a professional trained in counseling techniques and working with students to promote their academic, personal/social, and career development.  This year I will be working with students individually, in small groups, and in presentations to entire classes.   My goal is to provide students with a welcoming and accepting environment and to help them find the best way to reach their full educational potential.
How does a student meet with the school counselor?

Students are welcome to come and talk with me any time I am in my office.  Students may also  leave a note in the mailbox outside my door, or may ask their teacher to write a referral note to me.  Parents may also call (336-548-2472) or email me (mtriche@rock.k12.nc.us) to make an appointment for themselves or for their child.

When is the counselor available?

The school counselor is available for students during school hours and immediately before and after school.  For parents, in an effort to accommodate busy work schedules, I am willing to make after-hours appointments that fit within both of our schedules.

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